Paid Search Marketing

Know Your Audience Not the Keyword

We help brands recognize and implement the media strategies that best align with their existing and potential audiences.

Paid Search Marketing

Paid Search / Shopping

There’s been a shift in online search behaviors; your customer is performing more research-based searches than ever before, looking for the best products or services, product or brand reviews, and comparing price points. Your potential customers are empowered to make the best-informed decision before they buy, call, act and convert.

It is our job at DigiProSEO to identify these behaviors and segment customers into audiences to integrate the proper keywords to bring in customers with buyers intent!

Paid Search Media

Paid Media

The way your audience moves through the digital landscape across different screens, platforms and mediums is constantly evolving. Your media plan needs to model that behavior, shifting with the audience on a daily, weekly, and quarterly basis.

At DigiProSEO we plan, test, and develop media strategies to adapt to your business needs and, most importantly, your customers.

Paid Social Marketing

Paid Social

As your customer navigates across multiple social media platforms a day, shifting from swiping through stories and scrolling through feeds, your company must stand out with quality content in order to make an impact. In order to make an impact and break through the hundreds of pieces of content a viewer is consuming daily, quality content & creative is key to driving true business outcomes through Paid Social Advertising.

Based on your business goals, we will provide ongoing paid social campaigns, targeting, messaging, creative and copy recommendations across social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat and YouTube.

Amazon Marketing


An upwards of 55% of shoppers start their product search on Amazon over Google. Your customers are on Amazon to discover, research, and shop for products and brands, with the intent to make a purchase.

We will help you evaluate and determine if Amazon Marketing is right for you By determining where you are in the process we can review your products to advertise, keyword research, identify budgets, implement campaigns and provide ongoing optimizations. 

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