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Don’t waste money on more traffic
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Benefit from our expertise in designing and managing conversion-centered landing pages for your paid traffic. Once we’ve designed, completed copy, and built your landing page, we optimize it to perform even better over time.

Increase conversion rates

Highly targeted landing pages will increase your conversion rates, and optimization with A/B testing takes you to the next level.


Reduce cost per acquisition

Higher conversion rates means you get more business from your current traffic, and reduce cost per acquisition.



Improve your ROI

Stop wasting money on more traffic. Get more leads on your existing traffic instead. At the end, this skyrockets your ROI.



Digital Marketing

Always Stay Ahead Of Your Competition

The digital marketplace is constantly growing and converting leads is becoming harder than  ever. Connect with us to learn more about a conversion focused approach to get more leads and decrease your cost per acquisition.

Search Engine Optimization

Do you need more traffic? Let us generate traffic for you using Orangic Search or Paid Advertising to get you targeted traffic from the people that want what your selling.

Full service - growth

Serious about growth? Outsource everything to us to deliver traffic and conversions that gets you results with an integrated Digital Marketing plan.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Did you know optimizing your landing page or website reduces your cost per acquisition? Let us drive conversions and deliver a progress report on your results.


A/B Testing Reduced Customer Acquisition and
Increased Conversions for this Home Health Care

Jancare is one of New York’s leading leading Home Health Care providers, and they partnered up with us at DigiProSEO to get more traffic and higher conversion rates. By systematically A/B testing landing pages we have contributed to reducing their customer acquisition cost by 86% and increased conversions by 2900%.

DigiProSEO case study - Jancare pt1
DigiProSEO case study - Jancare pt2

The Optimization Process

Phase 1

Define Goals

First we establish your landing page goal. Do you need more leads, increase signups or drive sales?

Phase 2

Insight & hypothesis

Based on insight, experience and analysis we create our hypothesis for testing “If we implement X we expect outcome Y”.

Phase 3

Design & implement

We design your page, write the copy, code and implement using DigiProSEO programs and integrate with your current leads-flow.

Phase 4

Test & report

To validate our hypothesis for improvement we run A/B split tests and report to you on the progress on a weekly basis.

Expect increase in conversion rates with targeted landing pages

Relevant messaging is key to getting more leads, sales, and sign-ups—so give your visitors exactly what they’re looking for with custom-built landing pages.

With targeted landing pages you will experience more leads from the same amount of traffic due to higher conversion rates. In turn, this will reduce your cost per lead or cost per acquisition.

Landing Page Conversions

Dynamic page content for 100% relevancy

By using dynamic text replacement we can tailor the content to match each and every ad on Google Ads without having to create multiple pages. The tight message match ensures higher relevancy for the user – and Google rewards you with higher quality score as they too will see the message match. The below example gave a 58% uplift in conversion rates using dynamic text replacement.


Senior care Google Ad Example
Home care Google Ad Example
Jancare Google Ad Dynamic Text

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